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About Us

As a first class, hand protection company since 1980 glove making is not just a business but an art. The company was started by RICHARD ACAMPORA and BILL HOLDEN, two people who believed with the proper management & consistency of products being manufactured. They could create the formula for a successful business. Thus Empire Gloves Mfg, INC. was established.

Today the company’s bottom-line exceeds 2.5 Million Dollars, and our production capability has increased ten-fold.“WE ARE THE MANUFACTURERS” and we take into consideration at all times the customers requirements.

The first manufacturing of gloves was for the U.S. Military. Our Work Force is always ready to meet any new challenge whether it be quantity or quality. Our people are trained by a skilled master who has already spent half a century in this art.

Today Empire Gloves Mfg. INC. is the only Gloves manufacturer in the USA who flyes in all of their gloves and uses no container shipping. The profit is less but the volume is greater and the Customer is always satisfied.



  • ⊗ "NOMEX FLYER GLOVES" NOMEX CLOTH is specially produced by DUPONT is used with SHEEP-SKIN LEATHER according to Military Spec.
  • ⊗ "MECHANICS GLOVES" are made with a special Quality SYNTHETIC LEATHER.
  • ⊗ "MOTORCYCLE GLOVES" have a lot of varieties available in different style, a real touch of Workmanship & can also produce on Special Order/Style for any kind of Motorcycle use.
  • ⊗ A lot of varieties in Half finger Gloves especially used for Cycling –Driving & Weight Lifting

remember when you buy from empire gloves mfg. inc. each pair of gloves is stitched by specialized skilled workers and quality control. when you order from us you have a whole empire working for you.